Best 1000 Yard Scope - Top 5 Scopes For Long Range Shooting

If you’re searching for a tactical sniper scope, this comprehensive guide will help you select the perfect product.

 It focuses specifically on scopes with the capacity to shoot – with a high degree of precision – for a thousand yards or more. So, we’re talking about very powerful hunting accessories.

By comparing the best long-range scopes on the market, I’ll reveal the key features to look for, which brands offer value for money and determine exactly what makes a great contemporary hunting scope.

By the time we’re through, you’ll have a much better idea of where to start and end your search.

best 1000 yard scope

Reasons to Buy a 1000 Yard Scope

Scopes designed to fire over a 1000 yard range tend to be more precise than midrange accessories and better at making smooth changes to elevation and windage. The downside is they are usually more expensive too. This makes sense when you consider the fact they are significantly more accurate in a variety of conditions.

So, pay attention and follow through!

vortex 1000 yard rifle scope

It’s important to get this out of the way early. Most 1000 yard scopes are pretty pricey. However, if performance is your top priority, they are hard to beat.

As they represent a significant investment for most hunters, I recommend taking your time with the purchase. Browse comparison guides, pore over specs and make a decision based on the fullest information you have.

Features To Consider When Shopping for a Scope

1. Magnification Power

Big game hunters shouldn’t waste time considering long-range scopes with magnification below 18x. This is your minimum requirement.

If you’re tracking large animals such as elk, buffalo or bison, long-range means safety. Ideally, you don’t want to get any closer. Sometimes, when we’re out in the wilderness, it’s easy to forget we’re not invincible.

Unfortunately, a charging bison with a bullet in his rear isn’t going to agree with you.

As you may know, there’s a compromise to be made in exchange for a scope with powerful magnification.

The greater the zoom, the narrower the field of view. It’s frustrating but such trade-offs are a part of hunting. Besides, it’ll encourage you to improve your accuracy on moving targets.

Whether you like it or not, magnification is crucial.

2. Objective Lens

The larger the lens, the more light it can transmit. Naturally, this means a better view and, potentially, a more accurate shot.

Again, there’s a natural trade-off here. The bigger your scope’s lens, the heavier it will be.

Aim Accuracy

So, you’ve got to find that sweet spot between precision and comfort. It is different for everybody and depends on your shooting ability and the type of conditions you’re used to hunting in. Large lenses are great for clarity but reduce maneuverability.

3. Coated Lens

Don’t forget, the angle of light also plays a big part in how a scope’s lens behaves and performs.

In most environments, but particularly in very sunny conditions, you need a lens that’s designed to combat reflections. 

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a very expensive accessory that you cannot see through.

gun and scope Safety

Most 1000 yard scopes come with objective lenses that are coated to prevent light rays from interfering with field of view. When shopping, look for an anti-reflective multi-coated lens to guarantee maximum image contrast and color.

Never underestimate the importance of authentic color. You can’t tell the difference between your prey and a shrub at long-range without it, I promise.

4. Precision Adjustment Turrets

Long-range scopes for game hunting require consistently reliable adjustment turrets that facilitate windage and elevation judgments.

They’re also needed for eliminating parallax effects. Bullet drop is an inevitable consequence of shooting beyond 1000 yards. Without turrets, you’ll struggle to account for it.

Over these long distances, I recommend a minimum of 40 MOA adjustment with distinct degrees of at least ¼ MOA.

It’s not essential but it’s a big help if you can also purchase a scope capable of finding zero and locking it in. 

Keep this in mind; the larger the range of adjustment and the smaller the adjustment degrees, the more precise the scope overall.

Proper rifle and scope aiming

5. Reticle

It’s quite common for hunters to make scope purchases solely based on their reticles’ capabilities. While most features differ in their degrees or power, reticles come in a huge variety of shapes and forms. The reticle on your long-range rifle scope may not match any other product on sale.

There’s a level of personal preference at play. What you consider an impressive reticle may not work for another hunter. Whatever design or shape you prefer, there are two characteristics to look for.

Firstly, your reticle needs a clear, unobstructed crosshair free of distracting marks. After all, there’s no value to fancy features if they get in the way of a successful kill.

Secondly, the scope’s reticle should provide multiple aiming points to account for any bullet drop across long distances. Features like illumination and trajectory calculators can be extremely useful or they can be a distraction.

Again, everybody is different. If it aids your shooting, it’s a good choice. 

6. Resilience

The toughest long-range scopes all seem to be made out of aircraft-grade aluminum or aluminum alloy. So, I strongly recommend looking out for one of these super tough accessories.

They may cost a little more but they provide peace of mind. Whether you’re shooting in driving rain, howling wind or baking sun, your scope must weather all pressures both environmental and accidental.

If you can, pick a long-range scope with an anodized exterior coating for extra safety and protection. These hunting accessories can take blow after blow without suffering a chink in performance.

Again, though not essential, nitrogen purged lenses prevent the field of view from being affected by fog, rain, dust and heavy recoil. It’s worth paying a little more all-encompassing weather resistance.

5 Best 1000 Yard Scopes Quick List

Scope Image



Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Second Focal Plane Riflescopes-1000yd scope

Vortex Optics PST Gen II 5-24x50

Burris Optics XTR II Rifle Scope – 5-25x50mm Riflescope – Tactical Shooting, Long Distance Shooting-1000 yards

Burris XTR 40mm Rifle Scope 5-25x50

Nikon Black FX1000-1000 yards scope

Nikon Black FX1000 6-24x50

Nightforce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS Riflescope - 1000 yards rifle scope

Nightforce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS

Millett 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Illuminated Side Focus Tactical Riflescope - 1000 yard scope

Millet 6-25x56 LRS-1 Tactical Riflescope

Now let’s get down to business with the

TOP 5 1000 Yard Scope

1. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Second Focal Plane Riflescopes-1000yd scope
Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Second Focal Plane Riflescopes-1000yd scope-reticle view

I’m a big fan of Vortex scopes so it’s no surprise they’re making an appearance on my comparison list. The Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-24x50 is particularly special as it combines remarkable accuracy with an array of practical features.

It’s one of the best long-range scopes for game hunters with no preferential distance. It makes switching ranges at speed feel easy and natural. 

This rifle scope boasts a first focal plane reticle which, in the past, wasn’t as desirable. In recent years, it seems to have developed a new popularity.

Lots of beginner game hunters appear to be choosing first focal plane scopes and Vortex knows it. 

I’m thinking the inclusion of one here is probably not accidental 

With a first focal plane reticle, the scope’s reticle adjusts to its current magnification. When zooming in, it gets bigger.

Conversely, when zooming out, it gets smaller. It’s a useful tool because it establishes the foundation for a very strong and accurate hit. In all my tests, I noticed first focal plane reticles create the most satisfying kill shots when used skilfully. 

One of my favorite features of the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-24x50 is its high-performance laser-etched turrets.

These are used for making quick calculations and corresponding adjustments to elevation and windage. 

They also have a role to play in minimizing the impact of parallax. In addition, the Vortex scope comes with a fiber optic rotation signal to help you pinpoint the turrets’ movements and RZR zero stop capabilities to guarantee a return to zero.

 I’ll forgive you for wondering if these fancy features are too much. After all, didn’t I just say simplicity was crucial? Well, in my opinion, the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II rifle scope strikes the right balance between value and performance. 

There is a lot going on but at no point did I feel it interfered with my shot. The vibrance of color and impressive resolution delivered through the field of view makes this one of the best long-range rifle scopes on the market for me.


  • Magnification – 5-25x
  • Eye Relief – 3.4 inches
  • Field of View -24.1-4.8 ft/100 yds 
  • Weight – 31.2 oz.

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt this scope is a pricey accessory. You’re going to get your money’s worth though.

I don’t want to gush too much but the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-24x50 is a contender for the best long-range scope on sale right now. 

Standout features include the exceptional image quality and laser-etched turrets.


  • First focal plane reticle adjusts with magnification
  • Laser-etched turrets for combating windage and elevation
  • Argon purged and O-ring seal on lens for durability


  • Lack of eye relief

2. Burris  XTR 40mm Rifle Scope 5-25x50mm

Burris Optics XTR II Rifle Scope – 5-25x50mm Riflescope – Tactical Shooting, Long Distance Shooting-1000 yards

As this Burris 201052 rifle scope has been specifically designed with pro marksman type shooting in mind, it’s suitable for long-range hunting and competitive sport shooting. Simply put, it’s made to break distance records.

It provides an enormous 58m objective lens for targeting prey with crystal clear image quality. It also delivers 25x magnification and an atypically broad field of view.

When combined, the vast magnification range (from 5x to 25x) and the large objective lens turn this scope into a true treasure for 1000 yard shooting. The first focal plane reticle is structured for long distance shots.

No matter how or where you move, it adjusts in size to account for whatever magnification power you’re using. 

Burris offers users a choice of two specially designed scope reticles so a degree of personalization is included here to ensure the accessory is tailored to your needs.

You can purchase the Burris 201052 XTR 40mm Scope with a Special Competition Reticle or a Mil-Dot Reticle (in MOA/MIL) which is more typical for game hunting.

The reticle on this rifle scope is illuminated to provide support when shooting after dark. As already mentioned, it’s not a crucial feature. Some people find the idea of light up sights distracting. Personally, I enjoyed it during my testing.

There are no fewer than eleven illumination types to choose from, so it’s not as if you’re hunting with a flashlight on your weapon. It’s easy to adapt the illumination setting to your hunting conditions.

The scope’s five increment magnification system provides a broad, clear field of view from close range. From a distance, you’ll notice it enhances your ability to spot, pin down and target prey.

Its sophisticated objective lens is carefully coated to minimize reflections and prevent glare from obstructing kill shots. 


  • Magnification – 5-25x
  • Eye Relief – 3.5 inches
  • Field of View -21-4.3 ft/100 yds 
  • Weight – 32.1 oz.

Final Verdict

My favorite feature of the Burris 201052 XTR 40mm Scope is its rather innovative magnification selector functions.

The feature results in exceptionally sharp and vivid target images even from beyond 1000 yards. It was rewarding to shoot and I would recommend it for anybody looking to get into competitive arenas.


  • Flexible, adaptable zoom erector functions
  • Can choose between two different reticle designs
  • Quickly returns to and retains true zero


  • After prolonged use, causes the eyes to feel tired

3. Nikon Black FX1000 6-24x50mm

Nikon Black FX1000-1000 yards scope

Where Vortex scopes appear, Nikon scopes inevitably follow. These two popular brands continue to produce world-class shooting and hunting products.

Unsurprisingly, the Nikon Black FXT1000 6-24x50mm is no exception. In fact, it might be one of the manufacturer’s finest scopes to date.

With this long-range accessory, Nikon boldly lends its optical eminence to a first focal plane reticle. The component in question is called the FX-MOA.

It’s the brand’s tentative foray into the world of FFP and was specifically designed to act as a sort of flagship attempt. 

After extensive testing, I became another fan. I love the way the FX-MOA reticle augments sight picture and delivers accurate judgments on holdover, windage and elevation.

It is an illuminated reticle like the Burris 201052 XTR FFP reticle. I didn’t find it any kind of distraction while shooting. It has a similar range of light settings so users can tailor the illumination to whatever conditions or environments they find themselves in.

Plus, there’s automatic power saving to prevent the illuminated reticle from running down the scope’s battery power.

My favorite element of the Nikon Black FXT1000 6-24x50mm scope is its high-speed adjustable turrets. The elevation and windage turrets at ¼ MOA per click enable big game hunters to enjoy a top internal adjustment of 60 MOA.

The 1000 yard scope comes with a highly responsive zero stop mechanism to make sure it comes back to true zero almost immediately.  

In addition, the objective lens is O-ring protected to stop rain from influencing the view and give the scope increased durability.

With an even tougher nitrogen casing over the top, little can shake this scope. It should provide a reasonable degree of resistance against any moderately heavy recoils as well.


  • Magnification – 6-24x
  • Eye Relief – "Generous"
  • Field of View -n/a 
  • Weight – 24.5 oz.

Final Verdict

Nikon triumphs again with the Black FX1000 6-24x50mm long-range scope. 

While it can seem a little simple – particularly when compared with products like the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-24x50 – this isn’t a weakness.

The FX1000 does everything it intends to in near flawless fashion.


  • Highly durable and shock-resistant
  • Power saving mode optimizes illuminated reticle use
  • FX-MOA reticle facilitates fast and accurate shots


  • Crosshair design seems a little chunky

4. NightForce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS Rifle Scope

Nightforce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS Riflescope - 1000 yards rifle scope

Many consider this long-range rifle scope to be NightForce’s most successful shooting accessory. It is very popular with experienced hunters and competitive long distance professionals.

In some areas of the country, it is also used by members of local law enforcement. That’s a pretty good recommendation in itself.  

During my research into this particular long-range scope, I don’t think I saw any negative reviews from users. It is very highly regarded.

It provides users with a maximum magnification of 22x (and a low of 5.5x). The objective lens here is 56mm which places it among the largest on the market.


The purpose of this comparison article is to determine which long-range scope is best for shooting beyond 1000 yards. Well, the NightForce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS Rifle Scope effortlessly shoots as far as 2000 yards.

I know because I tested it myself. It performs consistently well and handles with smoothness and precision.

As far as tactical scopes go, it’s quite an advanced product. The impressive magnification power results in a high degree of accuracy in a wide variety of shooting conditions and environments.

Funny then that it also turned out to be one of the best rifle scopes for close and personal shots.

Users get all the satisfaction of zero stop capabilities and reliable parallax adjustments in motion and stationary. The maximum internal adjustment of 100 MOA is extensive and transforms every target into a viable shot.

The parallax adjustment spans from fifty yards to maximum distances I haven’t found yet, so have fun pushing this scope to its absolute limits.


  • Magnification – 5-22x
  • Eye Relief – 3.9 inches
  • Field of View -17-5.8 ft/100 yds 
  • Weight – 32 oz.

Final Verdict

It’s often said the NightForce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS Rifle Scope is one of the most sophisticated sniper scopes in existence.

I found very little about this product during testing that can challenge this claim. The only downside is it’s very expensive.

For some hunters, splashing this much cash just isn’t an option.


  • Insanely large field of view with perfect clarity
  • 100 MOA internal adjustment at long-range
  • Generous amount of eye relief (ideal for specs wearers)


  • Near flawless and the price tag shows it (NONE)

5. Millet 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Tactical Rifle Scope

Millett 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Illuminated Side Focus Tactical Riflescope - 1000 yard scope

The first thing you’ll notice about this Millet 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Tactical Scope is it looks extraordinary.

This is the type of rifle scope you see in action movies. While a super slick design isn’t a guarantee of quality, it’s a good place to start. 

The sleek matte coating, the serious Mil-DotBAr reticle, the huge lens; if aesthetic matters to you, take a look at Millet’s shooting accessories.

As with other long distance scopes on our comparison list, the reticle is a major selling point for this tactical scope.

The Mil-DotBAr represents a significant development for the manufacturer which has produced impressive reticles before but none so sharp or precise. 

Approximate trajectories it can account for are indicated with nothing more than a single delicate line and dot.

It’s one of the most elegant reticle designs I’ve seen. For some hunters, it won’t be thick enough but I think it’s beautifully put together. There’s no question of it being too soft to pinpoint but it’s also minimalistic.

This shows Millet is thinking carefully about aesthetics as well as practical performance. In fact, its reticle is a good example of a scenario in which the two combine to create better performance than they might alone.

Holdover adjustments and range finding decisions are as effortless as I’ve ever known them to be with the Millet 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Tactical Rifle Scope.

 Yet, my own favorite feature is the vast amount of internal adjustment on offer. 

It’s very rare to see a rifle scope - even one designed for tactical sniping – deliver as much as 140 MOA.

With 0.25 MOA increments occurring per click across this span, even an inexperienced game hunter can fire off pretty accurate shots in the wind with this thing. 

My only complaint is it could come with a little more eye relief. It’s always disheartening to experience a long-range scope of this caliber and know something as superficial as being a specs wearer might stop somebody enjoying it.


  • Magnification – 6-25x
  • Eye Relief – 3+ inches
  • Field of View -N/A 
  • Weight – N/A

Final Verdict

On top of being one of the most aesthetically pleasing long-range scopes on the market, Millet’s 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Tactical Rifle Scope is a top performer.

It is smooth, great at absorbing shocks and turbulence and it delivers some of the most impressive specs seen anywhere in this field of expert shooting.


  • Beautiful, considered design with elegant features
  • Truly vast amount of MOA adjustment range
  • Easy to lock in elevation and windage turrets


  • Eye relief is lacking at just 3 inches


The long-range sniper scopes featured on my list are truly some of the most remarkable shooting accessories you’ll find anywhere.

I included them because they stand head and shoulders above all other rivals. I had a great time testing them and I hope they give you immense joy on every hunting trip. 

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