UTG Scopes Review – 2024 Best UTG Optics

UTG Scopes: The Ultimate Review

UTG scopes enjoy surging popularity among tactical shooters and close-range hunters, thanks to their reliability and accuracy. This article discusses every aspect you need to know about this UTG brand.

Buyer's Guide

Leapers Inc. does an exemplary producing the UTG scopes, making some of the best rifle optics in the market. This brand has adopted exceptional manufacturing processes and quality control. Leapers Inc. is based in Livon, MI. However, some of its products are manufactured in other regions.

Over the years, this brand has enforced strict quality standards, assuring you of unrivaled durability and reliability. Since each scope manufactured must meet a specific threshold, it has helped this brand maintain its reputation.

You'll get a lifetime warranty on all products from Leapers. As long as you get a genuine product, you get repairs at no extra cost. There is no denying that their warranty is relatively user-friendly, assuring you of no complications or disagreements.

What Do UTG Scopes Offer?

You'll fall in love with the impressive designs offered by UTG. Their scopes are relatively compact, easy to use, and unrivaled innovations. These scopes assure you of multicoated lenses and weatherproof frames.

Each UTG scope assures you of exceptional rings and mounting systems, meaning they are easy to install.

Most of these scopes come with MIL-dot reticles, which are superior and distinct from the traditional MOA ones. Thanks to their premium quality, you can rely on them for enhanced precision, making them an excellent choice for veterans and law enforcement officers. They also have specialized holdover points, compensating for windage, elevation, and bullet drop.

Generally, you will fall in love with UTG scopes for their compact design, reliability, robust construction, and user-friendliness. Here are the best three options you could consider.

In our Opinion These are the

Top 3 UTG Scopes

Scope Image



UTG BugBuster Scope 3-9X

UTG Compact Scope 3-12X 44 30mm

UTG Scope 4X to 16X 30mm Scope

1. UTG BugBuster Scope 3-9X


  • Impressive 3X-9X magnification
  • Illuminated MIL-dot reticle
  • Ring mounts
  • Flexible objective

Besides its compact design, this product comes with an illuminated MIL-dot reticle that can help improve brightness and clarity. It has a simple dial, allowing you to flick between red and green colors, among other settings. This reticle has Emerald coatings, enhancing light transmission and protecting the lens from scratch damage.

You'll also be sure of a wide field of view, as it offers a magnification level of between 3X and 9X. These impressive zoom factors allow you to improve your tactical engagements, mainly under 1000 yards.

Its windage and elevation turrets can be zero-reset. You can also lock them with finger motions. What's more, these turrets provide you with audible clicks and tactile feedback every time there is an increment.

This device allows you to compensate parallax, despite the illuminator control taking up the spot traditionally occupied by this functionality.

Its robust construction and premium-quality frame assure you of enhanced durability. It is weatherproof, user-friendly, and compact. Besides, you get access to various accessories.


  • It can compensate parallax
  • You can control reticle brightness
  • Excellent turrets
  • Weatherproof
  • Multiple and reliable accessories


  • Not the best eye relief

From its impressive design and reliable turrets, this product assures you of value for money. You can barely compare it to some of the pricier options in the market.

2. UTG Compact Scope 3-12X 44 30mm

UTG 3-12×44 30mm Compact Scope


  • 3X to 12X magnification
  • Illuminated reticle
  • 30mm objective lens

Here is yet another irresistible compact scope that offers a 30mm objective lens. It provides you with magnification settings between 3X and 9X. This magnification is suitable when hunting below 1000 yards.

Its optic features premium quality, boasting weatherproof and fog-proof construction. With this feature, you can use it under any weather condition. Unfortunately, it comes with no mounting system.

Its specially coated lenses help improve light transmission and even longevity. You'll also love its angled front sunshade, which helps prevent too much sunlight from reaching the lens. It comes in handy when you point the device towards sunlight.

Its illuminated reticle is offered in 36 different settings, allowing you to flick between your preferred choices. Thanks to its circuitry construction and robustness, this reticle is an excellent choice for heavy recoil rifles.

Further, it has zero-locking and resetting features for the turrets. It will also be a lot easier for you to adjust for windage and elevation.


  • Enhanced durability
  • Multiple reticle settings
  • Impressive light transmission
  • Unrivaled turret performance
  • It comes with a sunshade
  • Impressive lenses


  • It comes with no mounts

Whether you are looking for an affordable device or one with a compact design, this will be your best bet. It is lightweight, robustly constructed, and reliable, assuring you of enhanced value for your money.

3. UTG Scope 4X to 16X 30mm Scope

UTG 4-16×44 30mm Scope


  • Offers 4X to 16X magnification
  • 36-color reticle
  • Mounting rings
  • 30 mm objective lenses

If you are looking for a 36-color reticle, let this be your ultimate choice. Its magnification settings range between 4X and 16X, making it an excellent choice when hunting beyond 1000 yards. These settings come in handy when using the 30mm objective.

This product comes with a fast power selector ring that helps you to switch between different magnification settings effortlessly. This aspect is suitable when zooming in or out in a flash without losing focus of the target prey. You could also consider its 1-click functionality, which is a technology integrated into the scope's design.

Its zero-lockable turrets can be readily reset, providing you with enhanced precision in the long run. It also boasts a side-wheel adjustable turret that helps compensate for parallax. It also allows you to make distant shots without too much hassle.

You'll love the staples offered on this UGT scope, including a weatherproof construction and multicoated lenses. These features allow you to use the device wherever you will be and in whichever weather condition.

Further, it has Twist Lock Rings at the bottom. Its premium flip-open lens caps will also help protect the lenses.


  • Easy to install
  • Ergonomic design
  • Enhanced durability
  • Easy brightness adjuster
  • Reliable turrets


  • Not the best illumination during the day
  • The reticle is not clear in certain instances

This product comes with multiple accessories, enhanced reliability, and unmatched durability, assuring you of value for money.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, UTG has build a solid reputation over the years, and deservedly so. Its multiple features will readily offer you the reliability you deserve. With the insights above, you will find it easier to buy from them.