Vortex Scopes Reviews

Vortex Scopes Reviews

If you're in the market for a new scope, limiting your search to Vortex is a fantastic place to start. They are one of the world's leading optical producers. 

However, finding the optimal Vortex scope for your requirements may be challenging. After all, they produce a large quantity of them!

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This article was created to assist you in locating the finest Vortex scope for your needs.

Unlike other guides or Vortex scope reviews, we've spent considerable time carefully researching each scope. Our Vortex optics reviews will detail how each scope performs and what it brings to the table. Let's get started.

Overview of Vortex Scopes Reviews

What to Look for in a High-Quality Vortex Spotting Scope

Bear the following points in mind as you peruse the great Vortex scopes listed below. This will assist you in determining the finest scope for your requirements and in selecting the correct optic for your next hunting trip.

The Primary or Secondary Focal Plane

The first item to examine is whether a scope's reticle is located on the 1st or 2nd focal plane, also as known as FFP or SFP. 

The size of the first focal plane reticle changes when the magnification setting is changed, becoming bigger as you zoom in and smaller as you zoom out. This ensures that their windage and elevation holdover points remain correct at all zoom settings.

Because the second focal plane reticles do not vary in size as you zoom in or out, they are simpler to adjust to over a range of engagement distances. They do, however, need some guesswork on your side, since their holdover points are only completely precise at a single magnification level.

In the proper hands, any reticle type may be useful. We've included numerous scopes with both kinds of reticles, so you may choose the one that suits your experience or practice the best.

Magnification Preferences

Vortex manufactures high-quality rifle scopes at a number of magnification levels. Because no one magnification range is optimal for every hunter, we've included scopes with various magnification settings below.

Generally, traditional hunting encounters with a variety of different animals will take place between 200 and 500 yards away. 

Magnification Preferences

Optics with magnification settings of between 2x and 8x or more are suitable for these applications. Magnifications of 10x or more are ideal for striking shots at 1000 yards or longer, while zoom capabilities of 20x or greater approach sniper territory.

In general, select a Vortex scope with magnification settings that correspond to the magnification levels you'll really utilize on your next hunting trip. It makes no sense to spend money on a scope that allows for 20x magnification if you're never going to use it.


We chose Vortex optics that are designed to last. This includes being constructed with high-quality materials and including waterproofing and fog-proofing features, which are ideal for use in bad weather.

Additionally, the scopes below have multicoated lenses. These proprietary coatings are applied throughout the production process and either improve light transmission (which results in a clear visual image) or protect the lenses from scratching.


All of the scopes listed below are rugged and have the above-mentioned lens modifications. In this manner, you may be certain that you've invested in a product that will perform admirably for years to come.

Six Best Vortex Scopes Comparison Table

Scope Image



Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Viper HS-T 6-2450 SFP Riflescope by Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective, Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Riflescope 6-2450 First Focal Plane

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Riflescope 4-1240 SFP

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Strike Eagle 4-2450 SFP Riflescope by Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 4-12×50 AO SFP Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope 4-1250 AO SFP

Review of the Six Best Vortex Scopes

1. Viper HS-T 6-2450 SFP Riflescope by Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

The first scope in the Vortex's arsenal is from the Viper series. It is equipped with magnification settings ranging from 6x to 24x, providing amazing flexibility in terms of useful range.

 Additionally, it has a second focal plane reticle that maintains its size throughout all of those zoom levels. This reticle is enhanced for quick and agile shooting due to the scope's integrated rapid focus eyepiece.

Even better, this scope has exposed target-style turrets that make windage and elevation adjustments accurate and repeatable. They have a zero-stop feature and a parallax turret to remove this variable for distant shots.

Lenses of Superior Quality

This scope is equipped with some of the finest lenses available. They're covered with premium materials, including an XR coating that enhances color accuracy and resolution, and Armortek coatings that provide scratch and dirt resistance. 

When used in conjunction, they guarantee the lens's performance and durability for an extended period of time.


  • Possesses the finest lenses we've ever seen.
  • Turrets are communicative.
  • It includes a parallax turret.
  • It has a water- and fog-resistant body.


  • Narrow positioning range for the eyes

Final Judgment

In conclusion, this scope is an excellent option for almost every hunter or marksman. It's ideal for any range. The turrets allow for precise adjustment, and the optics are robust and consistently give a superb sight image.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18x44mm

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective, Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescopes

Vortex's Crossfire II series is perhaps the most well-known. This version has zoom settings ranging from 6x to 18x, making it ideal for hunting inside conventional engagement ranges as well as shooting over considerably greater distances. Additionally, it has an adjustable objective to compensate for parallax.

This model is equipped with a superb BDC reticle that assists you in making accurate long-range shots while correcting for bullet drop. 

Numerous previously mentioned outstanding features remain, including a robust and waterproof/fog-proof design, multicoated lenses, and finger-set adjustable turrets.

Eyepiece with Rapid Focus

At the majority of its magnification levels, this scope provides excellent eye relief. The eye box is very forgiving, and the eyepiece enables rapid focus on your target, changing your reticle to help you to land a shot quickly. 

This eyepiece may be very useful for hunters who often pursue fast-moving animals.


  • It is suitable for use in all weather conditions.
  • It has a goal that can be programmed.
  • Turrets are precise and sharp in their design.
  • It has a BDC reticle.
  • The lenses have multiple coatings.


  • At greater magnifications, eye relief becomes limited.

Final Judgment

This specific Crossfire II sight is ideal for hunters who spend the majority of their time at greater ranges. 

Its magnification range, changeable objective, and high-quality glass all combine to make it an excellent but reasonably priced scope. Its eyepiece is unquestionably one of the best on the market.

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Riflescope 6-2450 First Focal Plane

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Riflescopes

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Riflescopes - EBR-2C 6-24x50 First Focal Plane (MRAD) Reticle Tactical

Following that is the Vortex Diamondback. This first focal plane rifle scope has a magnification range of 6 to 24x. At the highest setting, it's an ideal scope for use with a sniper rifle or for shooting distant yet still animals. The lenses are made of extra-low dispersion glass and are completely multicoated to enhance the sight image projected.

Additionally, this scope includes exposed tactical turrets and a side parallax adjustment lever. These instruments provide the flexibility necessary to land accurate shots regardless of the circumstances.

The scope is constructed entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum and is designed to resist recoil and adverse weather conditions without compromising performance.

Precision Erector Glide System

This technique ensures that switching between the scope's ample magnification settings is always seamless and consistent. 

It makes use of quality components in the zooming lens to guarantee that magnification changes occur smoothly and without jamming or slowing down.


  • Can quickly switch between zoom levels
  • It is water and fog resistant.
  • It has tactile and accurate turrets, as well as parallax.
  • For further stability, the reticle is engraved into glass.
  • Lens glass has a low dispersion coefficient.


  • There is no zero point on the elevation turret.

Final Judgment

This scope is one of the smoothest and most user-friendly on the market. It has superb adjustable turrets and a precise glide erector mechanism that allows for instantaneous switching between magnification levels. 

The manufacturer made an excellent decision in selecting the first focal plane reticle since it fits well with this function.

4. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Riflescope 4-1240 SFP

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Diamondback Tactical 4-12x40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - VMR-1 Reticle by Vortex Optics (MOA)

This next Diamondback scope has magnification settings from 4x to 12x for close-range engagements. As a result, this is an ideal option for hunters who spend most of their time inside engagement ranges of 1000 yards or less. It is equipped with a second focal plane reticle that is ideal for this range of magnification settings.

Additionally, this scope has touch-sensitive tactical turrets for windage and elevation. Additionally, they have zero-reset capabilities, which enable you to make changes quickly and easily, even when you're in a rush. Its long-lasting structure complements the excellent advantages it provides.

Excellent Telephoto Lenses

The lenses on this scope are really remarkable. They're made of the same high-quality, low-diffraction glass as a Diamondback scope, but they've been completely multicoated with a unique XR coating that boosts brightness and provides an incredible sight image. As a result, it's a fantastic opportunity to work in low light.


  • Glass does not reflect light.
  • Astonishing sight image
  • Turrets are communicative.
  • Extremely robust body


  • The zero reset feature may be a bit stiff at times.

Final Judgment

This scope is ideal for hunters who spend a significant amount of time hunting in the dark or early in the morning. The glass used to make the lenses is exceptional, and the scope's other features add to its value.

5. Strike Eagle 4-2450 SFP Riflescope by Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

Strike Eagle 4-24x50 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - EBR-4 Reticle by Vortex Optics (MOA)

Vortex's Strike Eagle scope has magnification settings ranging from 4x to 24x, a 50 mm objective lens, and a second focal plane reticle, making it a flexible and effective tool for both close-range and long-range engagements. The glass-etched reticle has precise hold points and is aesthetically clean regardless of the zoom setting used.

To enhance performance, the lenses are completely multicoated, and this scope does not have any resettable turrets. These are equipped with adjustment rotation indicators to guarantee that each adjustment is precise and crisp.

Additionally, the scope is constructed of rugged materials and sealed using a proprietary technique to guarantee waterproof and fog-proof functioning.

Turret Parallax Exposed

This turret is an excellent tool for removing parallax effects. However, it has a unique illumination control that allows you to adjust the brightness of the scope's reticle between 11 distinct levels. 

This adaptable turret is simple to operate and responsive. However, changing the brightness of the reticle without simultaneously altering your parallax correction may be challenging.


  • The lenses have multiple coatings.
  • It has 11 different reticle illumination settings.
  • Constructed to perform in all weather
  • It does not have reprogrammable turrets.


  • Controls for illumination are a bit cluttered.

Final Judgment

This efficient scope is equipped with a slew of great features that will guarantee your next shot is a success.

Although the inclusion of lighting settings on the parallax turret is novel, we believe that anybody can adapt to its advantages and be satisfied with this scope's performance after spending some time with it.

6. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope 4-1250 AO SFP

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 4-12×50 AO SFP Riflescope

Crossfire II 4-12x50 AO, Second Focal Plane Riflescope - Dead-Hold BDC Reticle by Vortex Optics (MOA)

This Crossfire II model has a magnification range of 4x to 12x, as well as an adjustable objective that allows you to compensate for or eliminate parallax on long-range shots. 

These characteristics are complemented by the inclusion of antireflective and completely multicoated lenses, which enhance the scope of the field of view.

Additionally, this scope provides enough eye relief at lower magnification settings and a forgiving eye box. These further enhance accuracy, as do the finger-adjustable capped reset turrets. 

These allow you to easily manage windage and elevation factors. Add to this a robust frame and waterproof performance, and you've got a very impressive scope on your hands.

Reticle BDC

This scope includes a high-quality BDC reticle, which compensates for bullet drop. That is, the reticle's bottom line has unique holdover points that let you modify and correct for the effects of gravity on your next shot. 

Such a reticle may improve the accuracy of your long-distance shots even more.


  • Equipped with a BDC reticle
  • Can work in any weather condition
  • It has a parallax-adjustable goal.
  • Turrets are perfect.
  • Multicoated lenses


  • Eye relief is compromised at high magnification.

Final Judgment

This is an awe-inspiring scope in every way. It has all of the features a marksman or hunter might want, including the ability to compensate for parallax. However, it is its superb reticle and sturdy build that make it well worth its cheap asking price.

Bringing our Vortex Scopes Review to a close

Each of the scopes listed above represents the pinnacle of Vortex's quality and performance. Hopefully, one of them is a great fit for your requirements. We wish you success and appreciate your time reading!